Monday, January 31, 2011

DO Something WiLD--Fundraising for Heifer

Hand crafted beads created for the "Do Something WiLD" fundraiser necklace.
Keep watching for updates on the necklace's progress.

Do Something WiLD!
Fun Fundraising for Heifer International

Ideas tend to come to me in a very sudden way. I then proceed to jump in, both feet first. That is exactly what has happened and I now find myself with several very large projects going.

First of all I am formulating and working out the details of doing a fund raiser for Heifer International. If you are unfamiliar with Heifer they go something like this. You present a cow to a family, they in turn get milk from the cow, the cow goes on to have a calf and now there are two cows. They family now has extra milk and can sell what they don't need. They then have another calf which they then give away to another family and the cycle gets repeated. Building up the village to sustainablitiy. This is a simplified version and you can read more about it on their website husband and I have been giving small donations over the years to Heifer hence we receive their publication. I opened it the other day to find a campaign they are doing in April call Do Something WiLD.

The acronym stands for Women in Livestock Development and the focus of this campaign is on the work Heifer does in empowering and enabling women: one of the most effective tools for a peaceful, prosperous society. The graphics in the ad caught my eye and seemed to relate to YIKES! Studio.

I thought, this is something I want to get involved with, but how? Create a necklace, sell a chance to win it and donate all proceeds to Do Something WiLD ! That was it! So last night I set about (til midnight) the beginning stages of the necklace creation of which I will post pictures.

Beginning stages of the Do Something WiLD necklace.
Making lots of face canes...


Make a $5 donation for Heifer International and a chance to win the finished necklace (valued at $200.00).

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  1. Great work. We also contribute to Heifer. I have a suggestion: How about writing a tutorial for face canes and sell it on your etsy site. I would be the first in line to purchase it. You could designate a portion of the sales to Heifer, and perhaps you could offer the purchaser the opportunity to donate an extra dollar or two to go to Heifer.