Suzanne Anderson is the creator of yikesstudio jewelry. Suzanne has been busy creating for all her life. After graduating with a BFA from Maine College of Art, she has worked as a graphic designer and a painter. 

Enameling is the fusing of powdered glass to metal in a kiln or with a torch. The colors are bright and beautiful. Its the perfect union of color and metal.

Suzanne's work is created in a wooded lakeside studio in Maine. The forest and nearby rugged Maine seaside are always constant influences.  Suzanne works to ensure that her work is fun, beautiful, always interesting, and is a joy to wear.

When not working in the studio, Suzanne enjoys drawing, cooking, walking, playing with her dog Man Ray, 3 household kitties and hanging out with husband Anthony, son Dylan, friends and family.  

Catch up with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Etsy, or her website at www.yikesstudio.com.

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