Torch & Kiln

Keeping at it!

My latest obsession! Drawing with enamels.

My shapes and work continue to evolve as I work in this wonderful medium.

Continuing my Work in Enameling

Having made the switch to enameling with my kiln has made a huge difference in my work! I can work faster and bigger with more consistency (and less fumes!).
I am focusing on the creation of irregular shaped pendants that hang from a simple chain. Keeping the focus on the pendant has been very freeing for me!

Below are examples of two pendants still under construction

New work in torch fired enamels

"Love: gears and chains" polymer set into fine silver, enameled copper, recycled sari silks

Hi and welcome to my newest exploration. I was delighted to discover this medium as I had no idea that you could use enamels with a torch! Wow, Yikes! There seems to be no limit!

In the Beginning: I just received my nice little jars of enamels today with their cute little color labels like "pumpkin" and "flame red"

This is my little enamel station. Its a small area for the time being. The canister of gas is mapp gas. Supposedly I can use my acetylene torch but the mapp gas is recommended so I will start with that. The torch head is used in glass bead making and has a starter button which is kind of cool.

Can't wait to get started but I have the Belfast Art in the Park show first this weekend. --Suzanne

Torch fired head pins etc - Day one of my enameling adventure

Well I finally had the chance to play with my new "toys" and I am most pleased with the results. The torch took a little getting used to. My acetylene torch lights with very little gas whereas this torch needs to be turned way up to ignite. At first I thought there was something wrong with it! The ignition button is a great feature as you are turning the torch on and off a lot in this work.

I first enameled some little domed copper disks I had made earlier. It is quite a trick to handle the mandrel and the spinning and the torch and the dipping in the emamel all at once but I think I am getting the hang of it. I ended up with a couple nice cuts on my fingers and a little burn on the back of one hand. Have to be mindful that this is indeed glass that I am working with. All in all I was pleased and more than a little amused with what I had made. The colors in enameling are so fantastic! I realize that I still have a lot of learning for this technique.

 First enameled pieces-head pins, little domes and filligree bead

Little work station set-up and ready.

 My new necklaces incorporating enamel on copper. I love the whimsical look of these!