Monday, July 25, 2011

Creating: Bird Bangles, Blossoms, and Buttons for Knitters

"Bird Bangles" polymer, seed beads, copper, brass, enamel on copper

Really excited about new work coming out of the studio these days. Hardly time to do anything else!

"Turquoise and Blue Blossom Set", polymer, sterling silver, enameled copper, Swarovski crystal.

Really sweet set that I have been wanting to create for such a long time. Finally everything came together and I got it done. The little earring blossoms remind me of Fuschia flowers in their shape.

"Fox" and "Black Bird" buttons. Expanding my buttons into new shapes.

Now that I'm a knitter (wow, really, I can knit!) I am really interested in buttons! These two are fairly large and have a loop on the back to sew them on. Would be so great on a chunky sweater.

Hope you enjoyed looking!


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