Monday, April 1, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival! at SevenArts

Artist Wendilee Heath O'Brien of Winter Harbor, Maine creates magnificent canvases using Asian ink painting

SevenArts Gallery will be hosting a Cheery, Cherry Event to Welcome Spring! 

It's our first Cherry Blossom Festival! This Saturday, April 6 from 11 am to 4 pm, the artists of SevenArts Gallery in Ellsworth invite you to join in a fun celebration of Spring, cherry blossoms (sakura) and Japanese customs and art. Member artist Wendilee Heath O'Brien is the leader on this event, as she is our resident authority on Japanese culture.

Wendilee spent several years in a fishing village in Japan where she learned to speak the language and to create her magnificent gold and silver leaf paintings and paint using traditional pine pitch ink, called sumi. (For more fascinating information and tutorials, as well as more examples of her Asian ink paintings of Maine, visit her website at!)

The members of SevenArts Gallery in Ellsworth have all created some lovely pieces to commemorate this event. YIKES! Studio will have some fun new earrings and pendants in honor of spring and the cherry blossoms.

The chefs at Cleonice Restaurant will be featuring some Japanese-inspired dishes for the evening's dining. Visitors will have an opportunity to try on a kimono, learn how to pick up rice properly with ohashi (chopsticks), drink tea, sing sakura (a traditional cherry blossom song) and some phonetic syllabri (Japanese pictographs for “spelling out” words). Please bring some friends and join us in the gallery for lots of learning and fun! All are welcome.

SevenArts is located on the first floor of The Maine Grind building at 192 Main Street, Ellsworth.

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