Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good Enough to Eat! Delectable Miniature Polymer Clay Food

Spring is the time when seedlings are poking their heads above the soil and unfurling their first tender green branches. Here in Maine, the early Spring tends to, well, drag on for a while. The grass seems to refuse to get greener, preferring to maintain a grayish-brown hue.

Still, we start longing for fresh, colorful spring vegetables, tender garden tomatoes and hand-chopped basil leaves, colorful rainbow Swiss chard and the drifting smoky smell of a barbeque.

To satisfy your craving for delicious foods, here is a selection of delicious inedibles-- incredible polymer clay "miniature food" arrangements that will make your mouth water and get your creative juices flowing. Just the thing for Spring!

Dinner prep, in the palm of your hand -- by  Shay Aaron, Israel


An assortment of wild mushrooms - Linda Cummings

A spread of barbeque tastiness by  Shay Aaron

A dinner for two by Shay Aaron


Peach pie by After Dark Miniatures


Seafood by Linda Cummings


Garlic and peppers by Janet at Minnie Kitchen


Miniature polymer food has even found its way to avante-garde makeup, through the work of Eva Senín Pernas, who creates intricate lip art with fresh slices of polymer fruit:

Fruity lips by  Eva Senín Pernas

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