Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's On My Workbench: Summery Stacking Bangles and Cuffs

Here are a few recent items from my workbench, where I've been exploring Swarovski-studded starfish cuff bracelets, summery stacking bangles, and lots of color. When creating I like to drift between the real and unreal – fantasies and reality.

 Constructing the red and turquoise starfish cuff


Red and turquoise studded starfish cuff: Ready for its final curing


Details, details!

Royal blue starfish cuff: the sculpting and molding portion of its creation. Here, I am adding the Swarovski crystal and the textural "nubbles" of the starfish.

A view of the inside pattern of the royal blue starfish cuff, and the cane used to create it.


New stacking bangles in royal blue, hyacinth and tangerine!


Starfish earrings and pendants ready for assembly.


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