Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Items on Etsy from YIKES! Studio

These blue and lavender dangles will really bring out blue eyes! Their delicate, colorful design will brighten up any complexion and eye color, though, since they just seem to dance with color. The earrings are made with artisan polymer clay and sanded and buffed to a smooth finish, with no paints or glazes used and nothing to wear off.

They are lightweight and fun to wear!   The ear wires are hand-formed sterling silver and the dangles are accented with genuine Swarovski crystal. Click here to see more views.

These are one of the earrings I've added recently to my Etsy shop. Remember that you can Like my Facebook page to unlock a 10% off coupon code for my Etsy!

Here's some more new earrings from YIKES!

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