Friday, September 20, 2013

Pantone Fall Colors 2013

Pantone's Fall Color Report is a versatile, exciting mix of natural colors and cool Emerald, Mykonos Blue and Acai. It could best be described as a moody palette, one that can be paired up and arranged in many ways.

The 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald, is still at home in the palette, but it's ready to be lightened by the influence of bright, natural Linden Green. Pantone recommends pairing both with Mykonos Blue for a classic fall look. 

Acai is a great addition to this collection. It will pair beautifully with Samba for a dramatic punch of color, or can be regal and dressed-up when combined with Emerald.

On the opposite end of the palette is Carafe, a deep brown that invites pairing with any of the brights, especially Vivacious, Samba and Koi. This deep, expressive brown serves as an alternative to black this season.

What fall colors do you like best? If you like these selections, do you plan to incorporate any of them into your wardrobe?

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