Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jetting to ArtRider this weekend

The total disarray of my studio is the first clue that I have been working my tail off trying to get ready for this big (for me) show. The chaos must at some point give way and a packed suitcase of work and display items will emerge!!

Getting ready for a show I am flying to adds a new challenge. I somehow thought months ago that this would be a snap. I have been wanting to par down my display and get real minimal anyway. The pipe and drape and tables will be waiting there for me. All I will need to do is to descend, wave my wand and a gleaming display will materialize! It all sounded so good, so do-able. I am flying at a reasonable cost right from Bangor and the venue is less than a mile from the hotel.

In my excitement at how "easy," I had forgotten that one of the most important parts of a display are the lights! Lighting alone will take up quite a bit of space in my suitcase plus checking a long box for the track lights.

Another issue is my arrival on the day of set-up doesn't give me much leeway if there are travel delays. Prior to my last air travel journey I had never really had any problems and I have flown a fair bit in my life. On my last trip I learned that indeed multiple things can and do go wrong so I am keeping my fingers crossed for no canceled flights or lost bags or damaged goods as my last journey involved all three!

Anyway, I am excited about my new work and looking forward to the adventure! The work is lyrical in nature and involves mark making and "mapping". I am exploring a human need to map and plan to help us through things we may not quite understand. A possible route through. An encripted talisman for life's difficulties if such a thing could exist. My pieces use a fused graphite technique with the enamel.

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