Saturday, October 22, 2011

Studio News: Getting Ready for Designing Women Show

I thought things couldn't get any busier here in the studio but boy, was I mistaken! Somehow it seems that I am continually adding more accounts and shows. "Just one more" seems like a good idea 'til the time comes to deliver! Then, whammo, it comes due in no time. I seem to have been able to hit all my marks so far...

Coming up in November will be the very popular Designing Woman show at Husson College. This is a "never miss" show for many in the Bangor area. I sell slew of earrings here as Christmas gifts. Ask me about my Yikes! Earring Buyer Card. If you are nutty about Yikes earrings and buy them frequently then you need one!

Currently, I am working on a good-sized Close Buy order. They have featured four different Yikes styles of earrings. Close Buy is a school fundraising catalog made up of Maine artisan-made items. No cheesy gift wrap or junky Chinese dodads.

November will also have me at the Gifted Hand show in Ellsworth and the Open studio at Essentially Felt. More information on the dates and times for all my shows is listed in the schedule!

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