Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year ~ New Color Combinations ~ Lots of Play

People are always asking me where do I get my colors from? By that I assume they mean my inspiration for my color combinations. I usually say its from nature, but that's the simple answer. It would take a bit of sluething to uncover all my muses! One place that I do like to refer to is fashion. I have always had a love affair with clothing and ornamentation of the human body. Not just couture but fashion as it appears everywhere. From magazines to people on the street who have their own sense of style.
Every season Pantone releases a color palette that the designers are using. I sometimes feel an intuitive pre knowing of the colors that are going to appear. Like this spring's emerald green.  Add dusk blue with some bits of lemon zest thrown in and I can see doing a big bead necklace in these colors!

I do, however, get a lot of my color inspiration from nature. How could I not living as I do in the Maine woods surrounded by huge boulders with fantastic lichen and mosses, on a gorgeous ever changing lake in the hills of Lucerne.

The strange and wonderful world of lichen...
transformed into polymer blossoms
This photograph's colors captivate me. Perhaps they will show
up in some new pieces.

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