Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Art of Chaos

Red and black earrings with half-moon shape and suspended gear
"fire and ice"
It can be hard to think these days, hard to plan. The bitter cold has broken at least for a couple days and finally I got out and absorbed some vitamin D filled sunshine!

Recently I have been working on some black and white drawings. I just found out that these are called zentangles! I had no idea--I was just exploring shapes and forms that I have been interested in and drawing for years! It's really addicting and fun. Here's a link to some examples. I hope to post some of my own soon.

I had a chance to take a webinar this evening by the Handmadeology blogger, expert easy sellers, Timothy Adam and co-conspirator Lisa Jacobs. It was very interesting and hopefully I learned a few things to tame the chaos of running a business and properly using social media.

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