Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hot/Cool: Sea Creatures Who Look Like Yikes! Studio Jewelry

Listen To Me And I'll Tell You A Story
by Ejiwa Ebenebe

Color is powerful. Hot colors, like reds, yellows and tangerine orange, are exciting, invigorating, stimulating, social, and bold. Cool colors-- blues and greens-- are soothing, healing, and relaxing.

In summertime, in particular, we're most open to combining warm and cool colors because summertime is so much about the contrast between the temperatures. We go to hot beaches just to jump in cool water; we savor cool drinks after sultry days; we revel in the energetic play of hot and cold.  Jewelry for summertime should reflect this, with plenty of energetic color and freely contrasting warm and cool tones.

My recent work with nubbly, brightly colored starfish cuff bracelets reflects this contrast: ocean animals make us think of the cool blue of the sea, but some of them (like mine! ;) ) are also very brightly colored, with some very flashy and stunning color schemes.

Since I draw so much inspiration from nature, I want to show you a few of my pieces in sweet, hot summery colors with some gorgeous oceanic nature photos that show off the same tones.

Maybe they'll inspire you in your own art.

Or at least give you a little eye candy.

Tangerine Orange Polymer Dangle Earrings
(on Etsy)
The orange "sea pen," a coral-like animal
(See more here)

Seafoam Sparkles
(in my shop here)
And this stylish lady is a sea slug,
 fashionista of the seven seas.

Fiesta Polymer Dangle Earrings
(On Etsy here)
A threadfin butterflyfish

Red Jellyfish Sea Pendant
(on Etsy here)
A gorgeous purple jellyfish

Hope you enjoyed these gorgeous ocean critters! I have been working on setting up my new online shop right on my website and stocking it with my new summer line, and I'm looking forward to sharing more of my new work with you next week!

Suzanne Anderson is the creator of YIKES! Studio Jewelry. Suzanne has been busy creating for most of her life. After graduating with a BA from Maine College of Art, she worked as a graphic designer and a painter. Suzanne works to ensure that YIKES! Studio creates work that is fun, beautiful, always interesting, and adorns the wearer with joy. Catch up with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Etsy, or her website at www.yikesstudio.com.

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