Saturday, June 1, 2013

Polymer Clay For A Cause

A charity item for sale on Polymer Clay for a Cause
Here's a neat charity: An Etsy shop of polymer clay items-- jewelry and more-- with the proceeds going to various charity organizations. That's the purpose of Polymer Clay for a Cause. This is what the shop announcement has to say:

"I started Polymer Clay for a Cause in honor of my daughter, Cortney.

Cortney had an incredibly artistic mind, but due to her Muscular Dystrophy we were not able to find a medium that she could do. So in turn during her years of living at Childrens Hospital she would tell me GREAT stories and I would try to bring them to life thru polymer clay. Clay became both of our worlds, just in different ways. Cortney left this world at the age of 14 to go dance for the first time, but I try to continue her spirit thru clay and charities (Cortney would grow her hair out, just to donate it to locks of love - which for a girl in a wheelchair is rough to do - that was the kind of soul she was)."

Donations have gone to Easter Seals Camp, Canines for Disabled Kids, FREE ARTS for Abused Children, and Children's Hospital Muscle Clinic. $500 was raised by Polymer Clay Guild of Etsy through a monthly challenge and used to make "Clay/Art Kits" to be sent overseas for troops to hand out to children.

The shop is run by members of the Polymer Clay Guild of Etsy. ❉

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