Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yikes! June Etsy Spotlight: Handmade, Colorful, Retro Fashion

This June's Etsy Spotlight  is made up of handmade and specialty items. The gorgeous, Yellow Submarine-esque Vintage Printed Miniskirt ($55) is sewn from vintage fabric, which the creator describes as a "schizoid patchwork with all kinds of geometric shapes like diamonds, Greek keys, and honeycombs; natural elements like flowers and clouds; and wonderfully bohemian medallions."

The "Carnival" Shoes from Red Nose Shoes ($190) are also handmade. Shlomit Hai of Herzliya, Israel creates the "Carnival" line of shoes from genuine leather. They feature an interesting duotone leather toe. The mixtape watch ($165) is another cool find-- it has the "feel and look of an actual working cassette tape"!

The Yikes! item in the spotlight is the Polymer Pillow Beads and Sterling Silver Squares Bracelet ($132), a very pretty and colorful polymer and silver bracelet in a contemporary squares motif.

 Clockwise from top:
Women's Handmade Carnival Yellow Shoes by Red Nose Shoes
Mixtape Watch by EOS New York
Polymer Pillow Beads and Sterling Silver Squares Bracelet by Yikes! Studio
Vintage Printed Miniskirt by Michelle Rose

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