Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn in Maine on the Forest Floor

Fall in Maine is a beautiful time. We get to enjoy the fantastic, classic New England foliage that draws people from around the country, all to witness the blazing colors of the trees against the cobalt blue skies.

While the changing colors of leaves are the showiest and most obviously beautiful part of autumn in Maine, there are a thousand tiny changes to observe as well. I love to get down and look at the little things. Near the forest floor, we can find infinite varieties of lichens and mosses. Patterns and textures. Groupings and shapes.

These clusters are communities of many species of moss, fungus and lichen. The many species create a mosaic of life. See those little red dots in the above pictures? Those are fruiting bodies from the fungal part of lichen, like the equivalent of tiny mushrooms. These communities of life can survive almost anywhere, even where there's no soil at all. Clinging to the sides of big boulders brought by glaciers long ago, they thrive, perfectly at home.

Suzanne Anderson is the creator of YIKES! Studio Jewelry. Suzanne has been busy creating for most of her life. After graduating with a BA from Maine College of Art, she worked as a graphic designer and a painter. Suzanne works to ensure that YIKES! Studio creates work that is fun, beautiful, always interesting, and adorns the wearer with joy. Catch up with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Etsy, or her website at


  1. Love the photographs and the reminder of how even the smallest detail in the world around us can inspire and delight.

  2. Thank you Catherine. It is an amazing world we live in