Friday, November 15, 2013

Shopping YIKES! for the Holidays

This holiday season, will you be supporting an artist or craftsperson?

The average American spends $704 on Christmas gifts every year. If even part of that sum, for each person, went to local and independent crafters and artists, what a benefit that would bring to local economies!

Independent artists and craftspeople bring an incredible value for the money, too. Why pay the same amount to a big box department store that has a 80% markup, when you could have something lovely and handmade instead?

In anticipation for the holidays, I've added some great jewelry pieces to my Etsy shop. If you're shopping for a mom, daughter, sister, or friend, you might find just the thing. There are so many talented craftspeople locally as well as online-- make them part of your list this year, too.

Left: YIKES Studio Bright Red Polymer Ring Earrings, $28

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