Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Strange, Cool and Odd Jewelry and Accessory Picks for Winter 2013/14

The world of high fashion always produces some interesting and exaggerated styles, but they're often pale in comparison to the work of inspired independent designers who upcycle materials into strange jewelry creations. Here are a few pieces by designers that may surprise you in their inventiveness.

Barbie Doll parts form a macabre centerpiece in these pieces in these pieces by Margaux Lange. Lange says, "I am fascinated with who she is as a cultural icon, her distinguished celebrity status and the enormous impact she has had on our society."

Abigail Maryrose Clark Teacup Bracelets: because you've always wanted to wear teacups on your wrist, haven't you? No?

Yael Nissan's 'Into the Wild' jewelry collection features this beautiful and magical creations mimicking undersea life and organic, coral-like forms.

Versace introduced these "ear nails" in their Fall/Winter 2013/2014 runway, among other punk-inspired adornments.

Missy Industry, with her slogan of "Handmade on the Darkside," produces this pelvic bone necklace, among other anatomical body part jewelry pieces. Very cool!

Futuristic and a bit mad, these upcycled sunglasses are created by Emile Voirin at MUDAM Luxemborg. They remind me a bit of Johnny Depp's take on Willy Wonka.

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