Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Torch Fired Enamel Beads

I know that some people coming to this blog are interested in torch-fired enamels, which is a process I use in my studio to create beautiful enameled beads and other jewelry components.

This video is a nice introduction to the process of torch-firing enamels on metal. The video features instructor Barbara Lewis of Painting with Fire Studio. As you can see, the setup is relatively simple. The trick is being able to handle all of the parts of the process and get a feel for it.

You can see more torch-fired pieces and read about my explorations with my enameling set-up here.

Here are a few of my torch-fired pieces:

This necklace incorporates enamel on copper pieces. I love the whimsical look of these!

The first pieces I made-- still learning! Head pins, domes and a filigree bead. I love the colors you can get with enameling.

"Love: gears and chains" polymer set into fine silver,
enameled copper, recycled sari silks

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