Thursday, May 29, 2014

My work is changing. A lot!

As artists, change is part of what we do. I know for myself I have an ever growing appetite for experimenting with new materials and techniques. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't but the adventure is always the best part right?

My work (play?) lately has been changing and evolving. This spring I went way over into some bright and playful colors and shapes. Neon has crept in! My shapes have taken on more of what I enjoy and often draw. Connected circles, mark making, lines and structures. This has all been fed by my interest in knitting and fiber as well. I am currently pursuing interests in enameling, pmc, bronze clay and faux bone and some really cool techniques using translucent polymer. Who knows what kinds of pieces will come out of all this new stuff.

Its always a risk moving away from what you have been doing (and selling). I hardly know what the reception will be but i am enjoying the journey.

                                                        Set yourself free!

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