Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Work (play!)

My work continues to push into new areas as I just can't seem to stay with one thing for very long. My main obsession now is enameling. I am just touching on a couple of techniques with a whole lifetime of them to explore! Working for so many years in polymer has taught me tons about color and design so I am quickly moving into some interesting things but keeping my palate simple and focused is generally my approach at this time. The challenge is to not overwork a piece that you have already put a lot of prep time into!! I spend a day just cutting, sawing, filing and cleaning the metal so with that investment it pays to work more slowly and carefully.

"soul window" enameled copper, sterling silver with base metal chain

ready to go into the kiln

enamel powders

Its been really great getting to know the enamel colors. They come in jars with names like melon yellow, flame red, Robbin's egg, bitter green, lichen. Most fire to be a different color then the powder form and that also depends on what they are fired on or the color underneath. The changes take some getting used to but lead to all kinds of possibilities!

I hope to get really good at this stuff!


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